Sunday, December 27, 2009

7 Tips for Overcoming Panic Attacks

By Tim Lee

It is no fun to experience the feelings of anxiety that can easily escalate into a panic attack. Here are some tips for overcoming panic attacks:

(1) Recognize that that is what is happening to you. Once you realize that you're not "losing your mind" or having a heart attack, you can start to realize that it's not nearly as serious as what you thought might be happening to you. This can ultimately lead to your ability to mentally cope with the attack and overcome it.

(2) Be prepared. Formulate a plan ahead of time and you may be able to cope with your symptoms and reduce the number of panic attacks you have.

(3) Some tips for overcoming panic attacks will work well for certain people and not as well for others.

(4) Learn and practice breathing exercises. When you are able to control your breathing you may be able to lessen or avoid a panic attack.

(5) If you have trouble learning a breathing exercise, make an appointment with a behavioral therapist.

(6) Try relaxation techniques. As with breathing exercises it is important that you learn and practice them before you have a panic attack.

(7) Make lists and keep one at home and one with you.

(a) A telephone support list: This list will contain the names and phone numbers of people who you can call when you are having a panic attack.

(b) The list of distractions: This list will have all kinds of things that have helped you in the past when you were having a panic attack. You can also update the list when you try other distractions and find out that you enjoy them.

(c) A list of coping statements: Make a list of coping statements that you can read while having a panic attack. These should be statements that counteract negative thoughts that creep in during a panic attack.

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