Saturday, January 16, 2010

Knowing What Causes Panic Attacks Can Help You to Deal With Them More Easily

If you know what causes panic attacks, you might find that you are better able to deal with your episodes and even shorten the duration of an attack should one arise. Anxiety is a big pain for many people, but just because it makes you angry doesn't mean you're any less likely to suffer from it. When you can begin to recognize what might cause you to suffer from an anxiety attack, you are closer to healing yourself than you might imagine. In fact, you might be surprised to discover that not all are caused from the way you think.

When you expose a person to a phobia, it could cause a panic attack. By knowing what you are afraid of, you can avoid these triggers should you be forced to deal with them.

Passiveness is another potential cause of panic attacks. While you might think that you are being nice when you are overly respectful or polite, you might actually be afraid of people or situations and choose to be passive when you encounter them. While being polite on its own isn't the issue, it has been found that people who are excessively polite are shy or suffer from low self confidence and that could cause people to suffer from an anxiety attack.

You might also find that some medications can trigger an attack, such as certain antibiotics. In fact, some medications are listed as having this side effect. Knowing what causes panic attacks, such as the taking of a medications, can help you to deal with them. The thought is that people taking these particular medications will usually only experience an attack when they are getting used to the medication, but for many people that's just too long.

Another very common cause is what is happening in a person's everyday life. For instance, major stressors, such as job loss, emergencies or financial problems can cause a person to suffer from anxiety and stress for a while. Usually, when this occurs, the problem subsides as the situation improves and there is no need to seek treatment.

Recognizing what causes panic attacks in you, can help you to work toward solving the cause and possibly eliminating panic attacks from your life forever, but remember that it could take you a while to get to the root of your problem and identify the problems. In the mean time, be patient and try to stay calm and as stress free as possible.

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