Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Preventing Panic Attacks - 5 Secrets to Preventing Panic Attacks

Learn Five Simple Secrets To Preventing Panic Attacks.

1) Diet

I'm sure you've heard it said that: "you are what you eat - from your head down to your feet." And maybe that didn't make a whole lot of sense as kid, but it sure makes sense when you grow up. If you want control anxiety attacks, a great place to start is with your diet. Right off the bat, eliminate or limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine. Sure, I know, this may seem much easier said than done, but it's worth the effort and you can start small.

Next, incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily eating habits. The goal is to calm your nerves and alkalize the body and what is being recommended is the blueprint of how it's done.

Finally, take in as much protein as possible. Protein is the source of the body's neurotransmitters.

2) Regular Exercise

Do this on a regular basis. Exercise helps to keep the mind and body centered and calm. There are two types of exercise - calming and vigorous forms. Most doctors advise getting in both.

My experience has taught me that both forms are complimentary. As an example, some days I'll start with a run or weight lifting, and then move on to yoga.

This is many people's secret for staying calm and balanced. By alternating vigorous and calming form of exercise, you are working both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The active and passive, yin and yang, of this method will make you solid as a rock.

3) Emotional Lifelines and Support

No man is an island. What is life without someone else to share our experiences with?

We all need social interactions and friends. So, go out today and make some new friends and renew ties with old ones. Get outside of yourself and share your thoughts, hopes, and desires.

See if you don't feel more calm and connected after committing to this simple step.

4) Stay Busy

When someone is full of anxiety, doing nothing is the worst thing that can be done. The reason is simple. If you sit around the house and mope, your subconscious brain will easily find ways of placing increasingly negative thoughts in your head.

But, conversely, if you keep yourself preoccupied and busy, your thoughts will remain on the tasks at hand and your brain will have very little room left for conjuring up negative thoughts.

This often-overlooked technique is one of the most effective techniques in preventing panic attacks.

5) Behavioral Cognitive Therapy

This involves training the brain. Maybe you didn't know that the brain actually has the ability of being trained.

Neither did I until I learned a technique called "The One Move Technique". It's a simple but powerful method that demonstrates how to transfer brain activity from the overly emotional midbrain to the purely logical forebrain.

By doing this, you are taken away from a place of heightened panic and anxiety to a state of calm. I learned this last technique from the product referenced below. It has literally been the saving grace in my life and the key in the battle of preventing panic attacks.

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