Saturday, October 3, 2009

If Ye Are Prepared, Ye Need Not Fear

Planning for the future is a good proactive way of dealing with hardships that may come up. Husbands and dads purchase life insurance to take care of their families in case something should happen to them. Home owner's insurance, car insurance, and medical insurance all serve the same purpose.

Have you ever heard a bad weather forecast on the news? You decide to run to the store to stock up on a few necessities "just in case," but the parking lot and store are full of people who are doing the exact same thing. If you always kept a well-stocked pantry, you wouldn't need to run to the store, or the gas station, or other emergency places.

Look at me--I always have an emergency Hershey bar or two on hand in case the worst happens!

Member of the Mormon church have been told for years that they should have a year's supply of food. I'm sure they don't try to buy everything all at once, but a little at a time. What if we only have a 6-month supply, or a 3-month supply of food on hand. We would still be better off that having nothing. What about water storage? And a way to keep warm if it is wintertime? Thinking about these plans when things are calm is much easier than in times of panic.

What can you do to prepare?

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