Friday, February 5, 2010

Here Are Controversial Anxiety Self Help Techniques You Will Never See Anywhere Else

Are you looking for anxiety self help techniques? Well keep reading because today I am going to give you one technique that you will probably never see anywhere else again.
These anxiety self help techniques simply involve - changing your thoughts. I call them controversial for the following reasons. Today's society is addicted to easy quick fixes, what people want are magic pills and fixes that will solve their problems instantaneously without any problems. What they don't want to do is hard work and the problem is that all these quick fixes DO NOT WORK. No amount of pills you stuff into yourself will solve deep underlying problems.

I'll never forget this quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so". What this means is that we are often a prisoner of our own thinking. If you wake up in the morning thinking negative thoughts and expecting bad things to happen then guess what? You're going to have a pretty lousy day.

Your reality is created by your thoughts and to change your reality and overcome anxiety you must change your thoughts. Next time you have to do something that makes you anxious instead thinking something like, "This is horrible I can't cope I can't do this I'm going to look so stupid" STOP yourself and replace those thoughts with something more empowering like, "This will be great I can do it I want to do it I'm going to have a great time".

At first this will be hard because of cognitive dissonance, but if you persist it will soon become a habit and you will find yourself changing in the most profound ways imaginable.

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