Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Overcome Anxiety - The Art of Overcoming Your Anxiety

Overcoming anxiety involves thinking and doing things backwards than you are used with. You simply figure out what you were doing so far and start doing the exact opposite things. Here are a few examples:

1. Replace your destructive behaviors with constructive behaviors.

If you find yourself not sleeping enough, get way more sleep. If you use alcohol in order to feel confident, get rid of the alcohol and start taking concrete steps to improve your confidence.

2. Say Yes to what counts.

When you talk with people or when you think about doing something or not, your attitude should be one of "YES!".

- Yes! I want to go to the party.
- Yes! I approach that attractive person.
- Yes! I introduce myself to that group of socially savvy people.

3. Say "No!" to what most people say "Yes".

- No! I don't want to re-watch the last 50 television shows.
- No! I'm not going to log for the 20th time today on Facebook to change my status instead of going out.
- No! I refuse to stay at home today.

As you can notice, saying "NO!" can be a very useful and empowering tool. You should use the power that comes with saying "No!" wisely and often.

4. Give without any expectations.

When you are in a social situation, you should have an attitude of "I give good energy. I'm a happy person and people around me are also affected by my energy." You don't try to cheer people up. You are affecting them without saying a word. You just need to feel positive. Emotions are contagious. Make sure you don't pass the above tips. Integrate them into your life and enjoy your new outlook on life.

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