Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Overcome Panic Attacks With These 3 Self Help Methods

If you are looking for ways on how to best overcome panic attacks, your first step should be to get a proper diagnosis from a medical professional. Once you have been properly diagnosed you can then decide on your chosen method of treatment. The majority of people opt for self-help methods to help them overcome panic, anxiety or phobias rather than using mind numbing substances and drugs. Here are 3 things to help you overcome panic attacks without the use of dangerous and dependent drugs.

1 - Identify What Triggers The Anxiety Attack

These attacks are triggered when you have "above normal" anxiety levels. For some people that could mean - driving in traffic, shopping in large crowds, being stuck in an crowded elevator or even getting ready for an exam. What causes this anxiety - is the added stress element - which essentially can push your overboard.

Your mind sees this as "potentially" harmful and dangerous and sets about a series of chemical reactions in your mindset to help you "fight" or "flight" the situation. This is often called the "fight or flight" response which we all have instilled in us and helped us during earlier primeval times.

But in your in case - there was no threat or danger- except an increase in your anxiety levels but your brain doesn't have time to investigate what is really going on - it just presumes the worst case scenario and sets off the "fight or flight" response. The chemical reactions your brain sends off, result in the symptoms you generally experience during a panic attack.

You often hear this advice but what does it really mean? It means having a positive attitude when faced with a panic attack. This is another step towards helping you overcome panic attacks. During an attack, your mindset is in a negative state - by forcing and changing your mindset positively - you can shorten the attacks and the intensity of the symptoms. Anyone that has suffered an attack is only too aware of the difficulty of this task but those who have successfully managed this know that it can be done. By now you are fully aware that an anxiety attack cannot cause you any harm and you know what causes them. You have all the information to help you face your next attack head.

This is an essential step in helping you overcome panic attacks naturally. Do you recall learning how even a small increase in your stress levels on top of your existing high levels of anxiety triggered the "fight or flight" response causing you to experience the symptoms of a panic attack? Well your "fear" of experiencing another anxiety attack acts in a similar way.

Anyone who experiences panic attacks has a conscious or subconscious fear of another. And it is of little surprise that the symptoms are so frightening. This fear contributes to your already high levels of anxiety - which further increases the likelihood of bringing on another attack. Fear by itself and even worse - when combined by with an everyday stressful situation, can set off the body's "fight or flight" response triggering a panic attack. This cycle must be broken in order for your to fully recover and overcome panic attacks.

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